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Forgive Feelings

Caught up to today!

Day 7 – Forgive Feelings. This meshes right in with my “aim to not complain” project. It’s not about squelching emotions. It’s about being aware when they begin, and find a way to aim that energy productively. If I sense myself starting to be cranky, I am mindful of it and figure out why. I get food, or a bathrobe to warm up, or I take a break. That way I don’t let myself delve into stronger negative emotions for little reason. If something really is wrong – like a wrong order at a restaurant – I get it corrected without angst. If I get wildly cranky I forgive myself, try to figure out why it happened, and am more aware of that going forward.

Do you get swept away in strong negative feelings at times? Do you get a sense of what causes it? Stress hormones cause physical damage to the body. Is there a way to redirect the energy in another way?

Forgive God / Spirit

Day 6 – Forgive God / Spirit / Cosmic Energy – This was easy for me. I tend to “blame” myself or other people – not outside forces. If there was a traffic jam or if I made a bad decision, it wouldn’t occur to me to blame any outside entity for what happened. If there’s a strong tornado, there’s nobody to “blame”. It is simply nature doing its natural activity. I’m sure we’re all different in this regard.

Forgive your Father

Forgiveness Day 5 – Yes, Forgive your #Father :). Dads have all sorts of bizarre expectations laden on them in our society. Tough & Gentle. There was a great SuperBowl commercial about a father leaping to save his child from all sorts of wild dangerous situations. We are trained to expect fathers to be that sort of superhero – always there, always protective, always dependable. The ultimate “Prince Charming”. But few humans could live up to that! Dads do the best they can in juggling a variety of challenges. I’m fairly at peace with that.

How about you?

Forgive your Mother

Forgiveness Day 4 – Forgive your #Mother – I imagine all people have high expectations for moms. They’re only human :). To forgive is divine. I had my rebellious teen moments and my breaking-away young adult moments. Hopefully now I’m in a place where I understand she did the best she could and I didn’t always make it easy on her :). Also, so many people my age have already lost their moms. I’m grateful to be able to talk and spend time with mine. So, like Day 3, this was a fairly easy day for me. Still, a good topic to ponder and consider.

Are you at peace with your mother?

Forgive Your Life

#Forgiveness Day 3 = forgive your life. Interestingly, while Day 1 / yourself and Day 2 / body did bring up issues for me to work on, I’m fairly at peace with “life”. I used to have angst about not getting my degree / not going to MIT even though I got in. But now I’ve earned my Leadership degree at Northeastern and I loved everything about it. So I’m content. I’m content with where I am in life and I adore what I do. My only real issue is the clutter, but we’re working on that. I love watercoloring. I enjoy photography. I love working from home. So on the “life” front, I’m ok :).

Where are you in your thoughts about your life?

Forgive Your Body

I’m reading a book on forgiveness, day by day. Day 2 on #Forgiveness was to forgive your body. Come to terms with the shape and size it is. Whatever it is, this is where you begin from. This is so important to me, running a low carb website and working with people who are inundated with negative messages about their bodies. We are all on a journey. Our bodies are our “vessels” throughout life. We should care for them and appreciate them. To dislike them expends so much energy that could be better spent. No body is perfect! Every body deserves praise for carrying us around every day.

Do you care for and appreciate your body? Or do you tend to focus on a few negative aspects and only think about those?


Reading Forgiveness by Iyanla Vanzant – it’s a 21 day step by step approach to forgiving. An interesting, useful exercise to go through. It strongly encourages journaling every day as part of the process.

Day 1 was about forgiving yourself for all the oh-so-human mistakes you might have made during life. We’re all human, we all make mistakes. Learn the lesson, and focus on doing better. The beating-yourself-up over a past that can’t be changed saps energy that could be used to make better choices going forward.

Easy to consider logically, but harder to put into practice. Still, her point is to work on it. Each time you work on it you get a bit better, and all that energy you free up can now be used for good purpose.

Do you beat yourself up over past mistakes? Can you try to release even a portion of that emotion and to accept you have learned from it?



A lovely yoga session with birds at the two feeders. I’m doing better at plank, too – I have 2 rounds of it during the sun salutations.

Here’s my current routine:

Forward Standing Section
* Standing gently turning arm-flapping-like-open-coat-sleeves, 20 count, a la Kripalu.
* Moon pose, left and right
* Bend back, then bend forward to floor
* Tree pose, left and right
* Sun salutation, 2 rounds
… includes downward-facing dog, plank, cobra, and other poses

Side Standing Section
Warrior Pose II
… includes sub-poses like side angle pose
Warrior Pose I
Hanging triangle

Middle Section
Tucked squat
Lord of the Fishes left and right
Cat-Cow 10x
Extended Child Pose
Rolling Cat-Cow 10x
Extended Child Pose

Floor Section
Hurdler’s Stretch, forward back, left right
Spinal twist – knee to one side, arm outstretched to other, left right
Dead bug pose
Bridge pose with very slow release
Lotus position, 5 halos each way, 5 nose circles each way