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Do Not Complain Reboot 31 Day 2 –

Do Not Complain Reboot 31 Day 2 –

Ooops, food did it to me yet again. I compiled a slow cook recipe book which then had me craving corned beef. Bob went out and got all the stuff, even though it was out of season, and we even bought a new slow cooker too. He went through a fair amount of effort to cook it all. The smells were wafting through the house for hours.

So I’m starving for it and finally I get it on my plate … and it’s tough, pink, and salty. My desire is totally falling apart, dissolving in the mouth, and grey. So, in my brain-addled starvation state, I became fairly petulant :). Which wasn’t quite fair to him. He went to three different stores looking for supplies and this brand was the only one available.

Now I start fresh, and once again I’m reminded not to let myself get to starvation or to get too obsessed with a specific outcome :).

How are you guys doing? It’s a fun project to try!

No Complaining

Do Not Complain Reboot 30 Day 9 –

I found myself starting to get cranky today and thought about it. I realized two things were involved. First, I was quite hungry but kept putting off getting food so I could plow through my work load. Clearly that wasn’t a good plan :). So I took a break mid-project to get a nice salad and a glass of wine.

Second, I have TweetDeck running continuously on my PC so I can glance over occasionally and see what news is active in my feed. That lets me then forward interesting studies on health, news on ebook publishing, or so on. Usually this is a wonderful way to easily keep a quick eye on my areas of interest, by following certain hashtags.

I want to phrase this part not as a complaint :). Someone I follow enjoys swear words. They use them fairly frequently in tweets and often with unflattering intentions toward others. When I see those posts my serenity is reduced. If there’s a flurry of them in a row, it can wear at me. I use that area of my life to uplift and help others, so it impacts my mood.

I tried for quite a while to try to see them differently. To accept that we’re all unique and on different paths. But today, at last, I decided that this just wasn’t healthy for me. Yes, she can be on her own path, and that’s great! At the same time, I need to best bolster my own path. I’m just juggling so much right now that I need to make my environment best supports me in that.

So I wrote her a (hopefully) gentle note explaining that I did still like her immensely, and her posts are undoubtedly great for others, but they just can’t be in my feed any more. It’s interesting in our modern world that “unfollowing” or “defriending” can be such a traumatic experience.

But I know for me it’s the right choice.

Have you had to do that?


Heading into my 10pm meditation. It’s barely morning for me – I think I woke up at 8pm. Meditation is a lovely way to start my day :).

… … I used an online guided #meditation – lovely. I wish it didn’t have flashing ad promos though. The incessant ads interrupted my immersion in the meditation. I finally had to move another window to cover them, so they weren’t visible.

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