Monthly Archives: July 2013

Happy Fourth!

Tonight’s meditation will involve watching fireworks, and then acoustic guitar by the fire 🙂 How about you? Happy Fourth!

… Enjoyed a beautiful, relaxing night under the stars with Bob, a firepit, some marshmallows-graham-chocolate, and acoustic guitar. Lovely.

Singing Meditation

I’m going to try something new – tonight’s meditation at 10pm will be a Singing Meditation. I’ll set up a playlist of inspirational songs. I’ll focus on each lyric and sing out loud. Join me! What songs would be on your list?

… Meditation to music can be quite powerful. I went with Breathe / Nalick, Lonely People / America, and Strawberry Moon / Neptune’s car.


Ten minutes until a meditation at 10pm. A lovely way to end a Sunday. Breathe in serenity, breathe out peace.

… Wow, that was beautiful. Bob serenaded me the entire time, playing Fields of Gold by Sting on his bass guitar. A perfect meditation.

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