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No Complaining

Reboot 20 Day 2 –

I do still hit hiccups, and they are informative, to help me review my life and what my “triggers” are. So I did hit a hiccup last night, and it began with the quite messy state of the house, me tripping over something that has been in the kitchen for at least a month, and being grumpy about it.

Clearly, having a mess everywhere impacts my serenity. So I need to take more proactive action to get this mess cleaned up and put away.


Cool, someone is working on life-size holograms. I’ll meditate on what kind of fun that would be. My own live chess set! Join me 🙂

… A lovely, relaxing meditation. And now Bob is serenading me with his bass guitar. A delightful evening.


The 10pm meditation is coming up in ten minutes! Join us for serenity and release of stress. I will continue on my Winged Migration watch.

… A lovely meditation session. I love the scenes of the elderly farm woman feeding the large storks as they stop over from their migration.


A meditation is coming up in five minutes :). Pour some wine, light a candle, and join us! Breathe in relaxation 🙂 #meditation

… Winged Migration is so intriguing to meditate to. A variety of thoughts. This time it was on nature interacting with pollution. A reminder that what we do to this earth matters.

Meditate on Achievements

We are nearing the 10pm meditation! Tonight I will meditate on the things I’ve checked off my list, to give me encouragement to plow on 🙂

… That was lovely. Sometimes I think I keep focusing on the piles and piles of things to do. Sometimes I have to look at what’s been done. That gives me the encouragement to tackle the next step.

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