Monthly Archives: June 2013

Walking Meditation

Ten minutes until our 10pm meditation! Let’s all try a walking meditation tonight. It’s quite easy, and a great way to get started!

The basics of how to do a walking meditation – Walking Meditation Basics

… A lovely walking meditation session. I find I am able to slow down and release tension more when I’m walking vs sitting. On the down side, my house is quite messy so walking around it tends to distract me and make me discouraged. So I should walk around outside next time, if it’s not raining.

No Complain project

This No Complain project is helping me immensely. I have become much more aware of when I start to feel a little unhappy / cranky and to figure out why. Often I’m either dehydrated or my blood sugar levels are low. When I address that, I feel better again.

Looking back over my times I complained, it was usually because I was “out of sorts” to begin with and then snapped when something happened in life. When I’m feeling all right, I handle those hurdles with much more grace.

Today I’m at No Complain Project Reboot 15, Day 14. So I’m nearly half-way through the 30 day goal!


Power came back on just in time to meditate. Is this backwards? Still, I’m grateful to have power 🙂 Join me! What are you grateful for?

… A lovely session, though my computer fan chose this time to go into a high rev. And it finished right when I ended. Intriguing 🙂

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