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No Complaining

Taking life one day at a time really does help! I’m now on No Complain Project Reboot 15, Day 9. I was expecting that my stressful day in New York City would have me complain, but Bob and Dad did such an awesome job of nurturing me that I made it through without a complaint! Yoga and meditation absolutely help.


Our 10pm meditation is coming up! Breathe in deeply and delve into a free, easy, no-prescription-necessary way to better your health!

…Β A lovely 19 minute meditation. Now I’m in the mood to watch Eastern Promises – Viggo Mortensen. There is just something about Ukrainian men.


Ten minutes until our meditation at 10pm begins! It naturally reduces stress and blood pressure. Completely free! Enjoy with us!

…Β A lovely, relaxing break. I recommend everyone find ways to include meditation in their daily routine.


Ten minutes away until our 10pm meditation! Breathe in deeply, put on a playlist, and enjoy a serene retreat into bliss πŸ™‚

…Β That was lovely, although I think I need to take Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel K out of the mix. It triggers too many thought-patterns for me.

No Complain reboot 15, Day 2

LOL that’s OK, I had a glitch.

It involved driving in pouring rain, trying to answer the phone while driving in said rain, being late, and being scolded for being late.

So note to self – just don’t answer phones while driving in rain :).

So I’m on No Complain reboot 15, Day 2. Which is fine! Today is a fresh day.

How are you guys doing?


Ten minutes away from the lovely 10pm meditation! Bring some serenity into your world. You deserve it. Join me! πŸ™‚

…Β I meditated in silence this time, as the house was quiet. It was lovely πŸ™‚ Did anybody meditate virtually with me?

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