Monthly Archives: April 2013

No Complain Reboot 8

No Complain Reboot 8 Day 1 – today was a massive project clearing out all the pricker bushes mixed in with the forsythia. I’m proud that I only complained once :). It was a long swath along a stone wall, and I got it all cleared and neat! Now we’re going to put stone edging around the forsythia, and perhaps plant some chocolate chip bugleweed in front of the stone wall as ground cover, and it’ll be lovely . Happy happy.

Meditate at 10

Ten minutes away from the ten minute meditation at 10pm. Join me! It will take my mind off the new poison ivy spots on my legs.

… That was lovely. Once again I played Enya music while I meditated. I find it soothing. My current trio of songs is Orinoco Flow, Watermark, and Only Time.

Test of No Complaining

The USPS delayed the delivery of my priority-mail origami doves and now they won’t get there for the peace conference. They said too bad.  I was already practicing patience using their automated phone system, which is atrocious, and then the customer service rep wasn’t much better. But I did not “complain” – I stated clearly my issue and why their system and response did not match my expectations. They need to know that, maybe someone actually tallies those up. I can always dream.

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