A beautiful yoga routine on my back porch! This is a titmouse but there have also been cardinal babies with their dad, bunches of titmice, chickadees, downies, nuthatches, robins splashing in the birdbath, and a baby hummingbird who keeps coming over to stare at me. This is great for yoga but it’s going to make writing a real challenge :). #namaste


Morning Yoga

Good morning! I just finished a beautiful yoga session surrounded by the morning glories and other flowers on my back deck. I am back from an awesome 2-week vacation on a Danube river cruise with my mom & stepdad. Every day was just stunning. I’ll start posting photos soon. I am grateful I could experience it – and I’m grateful to be safely back home. #namaste


Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I had a lovely yoga session by the day lilies, with Juliet curled up in the shade next to me. Then a relaxing dinner with my son. Now to write, after I meditate. I’m grateful for each day. Join me in just five minutes of meditation! It brings focus and energy. #namaste


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