Only brief yoga today

Only brief yoga today – this past week has been hectic and it gets far far worse this coming week. I’ll get through as much of my to-do list as I can, but there are lots of “Urgent!” things on there. I barely got that cover song video finalized and loaded in time! And now Mused is due tonight!! And the Art-Poetry show goes live next Wed! AAaaagh! 🙂 #Namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Racism and violence are all around us. It’s part of why I donate so much of my book profits to support women’s shelters. Tonight I’m meditating on whether these scenes should be in my “entertainment”. I know racism and violence exist. I invest my own time and money to help break the cycle. Next, I do feel it’s important in general to watch award-winning movies to stay in tune with cultural references. Still, if something upsets me, surely there’s a balance. I don’t need to watch a movie to know racism and violence happen. I know already. And if the other option is to reduce my empathy level, I’m not sure I like that either … #Namaste

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