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Personal Advice from RomanceClass

Believe me, you're not alone! The problems you're facing are ones that many other people have faced, and gotten through successfully. Here at, we have real people who read and answer your questions for FREE.

Please make sure this is a question we can actually answer. We have no way of knowing "does he like me" based on his looking or not looking at you. We can only answer concrete situations, for example how to handle a very specific problem. If you're looking for a random guess of "does she like me because she smiled at me in the hallway", please use our Love Ball Online Romance Forecaster.

If this is a situation of abuse, depression, suicide threats, or similar emergency, DO NOT WAIT. Contact your local minister, police, doctor, or other person of authority. You need help NOW.

If you have a specific situation that you need guidance on, please choose the category below that best describes your issue. When we answer your question, the answer will be posted on the website. If you provide your email address, your answer will also be emailed to you.

Flirting and Friendship
Getting Closer to Someone
Does He-She Like Me?
Asking Someone Out
General Dating
Kissing / Intimacy
Arguments / Fighting
Jealousy Issues
My Partner is Cheating
I am Cheating
Breakup Issues
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g Love Poetry

It's the romantic image found in classic movies, modern TV shows, and just about any romantic novel. The lovers lounge together in peace and relaxation, reading love poetry to each other. Share in the romance today!

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